Worksite safety and security processes are critical to minimize injuries and asset loss. By putting new cloud and mobile technologies in the hands of guards, wardens, plant supervisors and lone workers, Precog delivers visibility into work activity and incidents throughout your extended worksites.

Precog’s guard, worker & incident monitoring application provides incident capture as well as worker check-ins and status. The simple one-touch App workflow also enables the capture of video and pictures. All of this detail is synced to the command center cloud for easy storage and management.

Our worksite command center allows you to set-up guards, workers, routes and real-time, GPS-based monitoring in a live map view. Incidents with images and videos can be seen as they happen, as can instant replays of actual routes and deviations. The cloud server Includes full activity, shift and incident reporting, ensuring workers are safe, routes are mapped and time-wasting paperwork is eliminated.

Our simple and intuitive convoyer App runs on any Android or Apple device. The App allows automatic time and shift reporting, incident capture and reporting, including one-button capture of images and video. Incidents are sent instantly to the worksite cloud for real-time assessment and long-term storage and analysis. Convoyer can be used for Guard Tours, Lone Worker applications and Worksite Incident Management.

The command center and field personnel can chat real-time through the App’s secure instant messaging feature.  With the MOBSS reader sled, Convoyer also offers ability to read credentials such as RFID smart cards and barcodes.